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Efficiency, finally.

FspHub for financial service providers is an easy to use management system built with you in-mind.

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Supporting Successful FSPs for over 15 years
Designed to make your practice more profitable, compliance is just a fringe benefit of the innovative design. Improve the synergy of your small team or even connect your various branches into one central hub

Centralised Cloud

Access your information across all devices where ever you are in the world.

Automated workflows

Send prospects on automated email journeys without manual intervention.

Increased outputs

Do more than double the business without requiring additional staff.

Powerful Reporting

Advanced search and data exports tailored to your specific needs.

Document Storage

Running out of filing cabinets? We’ve got your electronic document storage covered

What our customers say.

“Thank you very much

I like to tell my broker friends how stupid and old school they are for not using the system
and I will keep on doing it and showing them the benefits!

I do regard myself as the non official ambassador of the FSPHub system!!

Keep up your good work!” Charles Rodgers


“We are very proud of FSPHub and the professional assistance that we receive from your organisation.

We tell our colleagues about our success, doing more than double the amount of business with the same number of employees, reducing our other overheads dramatically and regularly being complimented by our clients on the way in which we keep them informed.” Alwyn Bamberger

Bamberger Financial Services

“I want to let you know that everything in our office is still centred around FSPhub!!

We are completely helpless without it – we are actually addicted to the system!

Every single day in our Brokerage we experience how the system enables us to be FAIS compliant.

Frankly- our biggest fear is that we would not be able survive without it!” Darelle Smit


Regulation has complicated your life,
and innovation is the way to simplify it again.

With FspHUB you will discover a whole new world: your workflow, communication and documents all exist in one place.

You can access it from anywhere, at any time, using any device.

Straight from our blog.

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About Us

FspHUB & BiznizHUB are developed and supported by HubIT (Pty) Ltd trading as eFFiciency Hub.

Established in 2000, HubIT’s primary focus was to develop an online software system for the independent financial intermediaries of South Africa.

The company has since developed into a dynamic and innovative industry leader, sharply focused on providing office productivity software to business owners, entrepreneurs and professional practitioners.

HubIT Team

Julius Strydom, BSc Maths (US)

Julius Strydom, BSc Maths (US)

Founder and Chairman

Julius has combined 17 years’ experience as a Broker and Independent Financial Planner with 18 years experience as an entrepreneur in commerce and industry, to spearhead the development of FspHUB (previously known as fspOFFICE™) and the other customised products that followed. 

He believes that small business owners are heroes. Where they succeed the income gap is narrowed, and unemployment reduced. Our office productivity software systems are easy to use, and can make the difference between success and failure. Julius is passionate about their value.

Sean Barrett, BCom (Unisa)

Sean Barrett, BCom (Unisa)

Chief Executive Officer

Sean joined the team in June 2009 and brought with him a wealth of business process management and business consulting knowledge.
Fallon Adonis

Fallon Adonis

Head of Support

Fallon is passionate about solving problems quickly and having fun while doing it is what makes her so good at her job.



Neil Maree

Neil Maree

Sales Manager

Neil has extensive experience in sales and marketing. He is the right person to advise our prospective clients on their business requirements.



Anshin De Kock, Hons Biokinetics (NWU)

Anshin De Kock, Hons Biokinetics (NWU)

Personal Assistant

Anshin was appointed in 2017 as personal assistant to the Chairman and CEO.

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